The use of the lifting belt matters needing attention as well as performance advantages

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
What are the precautions for hoisting belt use: 1, do not use damaged condole belt 2, when hoisting, do not twist and the ground strap 3, don't let the tie strap when using 4, avoid tear joint sewing parts or overload 5, when mobile condole belt, don't drag the harness 6, avoid robbery or shock load of the harness. 7, every sling before use must carefully check 8 and polyester with inorganic acid resistant function, but easy to suffer the harm of organic acid and 9, fine black silk ribbon is suitable for the most resistant to chemicals place 10, the ability of polyamide fiber are resistant to strong acid, vulnerable to have surface acid damage, at the time of be affected with damp be affected with damp, strength loss of 15% 11, if the harness in polluted by chemicals or is used at high temperature, should be to supplier for reference. Performance: the intensity: flat lifting belt t - 1 30T   1 t - circular lifting belt 25 mm - bandwidth: 300 t 250 mm elastic elongation: under the rated load & lt; Limit work force by 2% - 10% 3% load identification: in use process, the label on the harness through the harness after wear coat color recognition carrying tonnage. Working temperature: - 40 ~ 100 ℃ safety factor: 5-1 & have spent   6:1,   7:1 advantages: 1, 2, light weight, easy to use, does not damage the suspended object surface 3 4, smooth lifting, safety, high strength, can according to color judgment tonnage 5, improve the labor efficiency, cost savings, corrosion resistant, wear-resisting performance is good in July and wide range of USES, applicable to the port, wharf, chemical, steel, machinery, installation, and other places of lifting.
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