The use of the ship went to sea when the cable considerations

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Due to the particularity of the environment, and anyone once in the dock, we must to put safety first, ship, especially on the ship. Pier is bigger than the ship space, but the terminal is the place that mooring, ship and mooring rope, walk and should pay attention to your feet while standing and the surrounding environment, to avoid tripping or hurt by cable.     Vessel to be on the safe side, side is equipped with railings and protection. If there is no ship channel, vessel need across the railing into the boat. Relative to the dock, the ship will move at any time. Must seize the railing, hold by hand, and make sure it is strong, and then one foot on the side, decisively pull from his other foot pier on the ship. Don't try so hard, the cross rail in order to avoid the leg was railing knock against. Walking on a boat in the boat, bear in mind that hand to find a place to firmly grasp at any time, for the ships were shaking. Also, pay attention to their feet, to avoid being pulley, slide, or other objects down touch. Walking in the cabin, also should pay attention to looking for shake handshandle, seize again after moving. Pay attention to the feet, legs and head to avoid when a tank is stumble and bruised.     Uv sea due to the reflection surface, sea. For no sea experience should do well in skin protection. Sunscreen is not everything, the best way is to the skin to cover as much as possible, reduce the exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Once the skin burns, can put some sunscreen to ease the sting. Next time don't worry, remove a layer of skin after burns the possibility is very small. Some will appear seasick response, if you insist on the sea, must be ready seasick pills, discomfort when taking, of seasickness is able to adapt to most people. As far as possible on the deck, to find something to do. If convinced he get seasick reaction, termination of voyage, best back to shore. If it is sailing, appear seasick response to take seasick pills, after looking for a place to rest. Pay attention to drinking water on time, force yourself to eat, timely extravehicular a breath of fresh air. Doing so is very painful to get seasick, but don't eat not to drink to lay in a bunk is more dangerous. Seasickness is a physiological reason also has a psychological effect, once see land or island, seasickness phenomenon will disappear immediately, confidence is very important. Life jackets are necessary items on board, each one. Whether to wear, vary from person to person, because of time inconsistency. Wear or not, after the boat must know life jacket, wear placed method and using method, to determine whether the jacket number can meet the needs of all people.     Aware of the danger the deck there are a lot of activities, such as: sail, rope, yard, winch, untrained staff to stay away from. On deck to confirm their own position is safe, be careful especially yard suddenly swing, observe the cable has been fixed. A lot of people like taking photos on the boat, but the photos will be distracting, ignore the existence of the risk. If be sure to take pictures, the first thing to determine its own position is safe, even if the ship suddenly shook will not fall or collision. Keep in mind that the ship is just a vehicle, is not a stage, if there is no corresponding safety measures for protection, do not do the dangerous action. Sailing safety is the guarantee smoothly.
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