The work high above the safety rope should have what conditions

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
High operation, it is to point to fall for more than 2 m height datum in the heights of the likely to fall for homework. The construction of the high homework mainly includes industrial and civil buildings and structures in the construction of general edge, the mouth of the cave, climbing, impending, operation platform as well as the cross and so on. Such as aerial work safety rope and so on is a good aid tool, because homework is the main casualties accidents can happen on high construction sites. The high operations must be done well, therefore, all kinds of necessary safety technical measures. Of course the operator in order to guarantee the construction site safety, high homework personnel protective equipment include: safety helmet, safety belt, safety nets, and high treble. First helmet is suitable for used to avoid or mitigate external impact and collision cause harm to the head of the protective equipment. Put on your safety helmet, entering the construction site areas must check whether the shell is damaged, if there is any breakage, the decomposition and cutting performance of the external impact has weakened or lost, can not in use. Check if there is any unqualified hat, cap line role is to absorb and alleviate the impact, helmet if there is no cap lining, is to protect the function of the head. In addition to the safety helmet, seat belt is also a very important protective measures. Before use, should carefully check each part component to match if there is any breakage. In use process, seat belts should be low with high, and to prevent swinging, such as collision, knot or following the safety rope, is strictly prohibited to prevent falls the waist to receive larger impact damage. After use, you would have a seat belt, rope rolled plate in no chemical reagent, sunshine place, not can be folded. The general probation period for 3 - 5 years, during this period of safety rope wear should change in time, if the bag burst to scrap in advance. On aerial work to protect the safety of personnel and items ropes, generally for the synthetic fiber rope, hemp rope or wire rope, the aerial work safety rope in the construction, installation, maintenance and other work, greatly protect the perimeter electrician, construction workers, telecom workers operation, wire and the maintenance of similar work. As you all know, the work high above the safety rope has strength, wear-resisting, durable, resistant to mildew, acid and alkali resistant, simple and portable. When in use, it is necessary to do a appearance inspection, in use process, also pay attention to check, in half a year or to think about when test once a year, with the main unit shall not be damaged. If found to have damaged the metamorphic timely reflect and when you need to stop using, to ensure the safety of operation. When using safety rope, it is necessary to do a check, will stop using found damaged, wear active clamp to fasten, not to be exposed to flame and chemicals. After safety rope to keep clean, often use will be properly stored, dirty usable soap or warm water after washing out to dry in the shade, fire not can soak in hot water or sunlight. Use a year later, will make a comprehensive inspection, and take use of 1% do tension test, with parts without damage or major deformation for qualified. Because is to prevent falling more homework personnel protective equipment, the height of the fall, the greater the impact would be received. Must have sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the drop down when the human body. Can prevent the body to fall to injury of a certain limit. With this two conditions safety rope will show more strong.
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