The work high above the safety rope the basis of common sense

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
According to the statistics of domestic explorers, more than 90% of the climbing rope is still far from reaching targets the UIAA FALLS, life has been worn skin. So when choosing the work high above the safety rope wear resistance and waterproof factors should be considered. The impact & have spent   Standard for single rope to stop a 80 kg heavy objects fall coefficient is 2 ( Note: the temperature falling coefficient see later) During the fall of maximum cannot exceed 12000 cattle. Is to stop the 55 kg coefficient for double rope for 2 fall in no more than 8000 cows. After subjected to the repeated impact and use, the impact of the rope will increase. You can choose the smaller the impact of the rope, can use longer. Number of ingot sheath package outside of the cable, it is the visible part of the rope. It is composed of many strands of monofilament plait, a single round on a spindle, the more for the same diameter, number of ingot sheathed power performance ( 动态的) The better, the less number of ingot, the more wear-resisting. So a person better power performance and selection of the single rope 48 pounds ( 壮志凌云) Or select 32 pounds single rope (for more wear-resisting 墙主III) 。 Ductility under the pull of 80 kg, single rope should not exceed 8%, double rope should not exceed 10%. It is the elastic rope can absorb energy fall. Extension cannot too big, otherwise it will become a bungee cord. The bigger the diameter of the rope diameter and weight generally have a longer available period, but they are also more heavy not make. On the weight and ease of use important line, had better choose fine some rope. The rope's overall performance should be used as weight and dynamic performance of balance consideration. Suggestion: the size of the measurement is not as accurate as the weight, so the best is the string rather than the weight of the size.     Waterproof rope is what we call dry rope, this kind of rope, net generally through TEFLON waterproof processing. The rope after soaking by water strength will reduce more than 20%. The snow is soaked in mountaineering china-africa waterproof rope to be frozen hard intensity will drop dramatically, this is very dangerous. Practice shows that line has the following obvious advantages: ( 1) Not only prevent water from entering the inner core, and after soaking by water outside the net will soon become dry; ( 2) Weight change after the water is very small; ( 3) After water will seldom be frozen hard; ( 4) Longer service life.
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