The working environment of aramid cord fiber performance influence what?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Aramid fiber is a general term for aromatic polyamide fibers. Aramid fiber rope is a kind of high strength, high modulus, low density, folding, good wear resistance of synthetic organic fibers. We have learned, now the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France and Russia and other countries in the development of aramid fiber. Our country has also conducted the research and achieved some results. Worldwide, aramid fiber is developing at a rate of around 20% annual growth rate, and the transfer from military to civilian. Aramid short fibre used in automobile and protective equipment accounted for 68%, 21% used in the shipbuilding industry, the rest for the aviation, aerospace and military.   Aramid short fibre environment atmosphere, such as environmental temperature, pressure, water or organic solvent atmosphere, etc. , had a great influence on its performance. ( 1) Ambient temperature: WUC. M。 Etc. To study the mechanical behavior of Kevlar fiber, found in certain extension rate, improve the environmental temperature will reduce the initial modulus and fracture strain of fiber. ( 2) Environmental water or water vapor, aramid fiber with poor water resistance, in wet environment, will absorb some water ( Moisture absorption rate of up to 7%) Loose, the existence of water makes the fiber structure. The water in the environment is usually composite materials interface channel into material on the surface, so the interface plays a big role in moisture absorption behavior, in the wet environment affect the performance of the material, the composite material, fiber moisture in the interface between fiber and matrix, Marine cable, in turn, affect the material properties, as for combined water and free water is the main damage remains to be further discussed. ( 3) Organic solvent: MizevovskiiI. M。 Studied such as acetone and ethanol environment on the influence of aramid fiber, found that the presence of organic solvents also resulted in the changes of micro-structure of fiber, aramid polymer depends on the structure of these changes.
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