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by:SanTong     2020-06-24
When your family dog is in need of medication, it's important to realize that both their illness and medications may likely be just as serious as your own. When any pet is prescribed a pill or shot, whether he gets his meds on time and in the right amount or not can make the difference between a speedy recovery and lingering or worsening symptoms. Above all other advice, keep in mind that your pet's veterinarian can offer the most authoritative and essential information about any condition or medication. During you and your dog's visit to the doctor, never hesitate to ask lots of questions about dosage, ways of administering the medicine, what to do in the case of a missed application and other applicable issues. Administering Medication Although getting your dog to swallow his medicine may sometimes be a lengthy and arduous ordeal, the benefits surely outweigh the cost. If you've come to the end of your medicine-applying rope or are simply looking for some helpful hints before tackling the job, this quick advice might help make the process a bit simpler. Pills Pills are generally the most difficult type of pet medication to administer, due to the fact that your dog must voluntarily swallow them and their often seemingly awful taste. The approach you choose to take when offering pills will vary depending on the personality, temperament and condition of your particular four legged friend. If your dog tends to wolf down snacks and is in good enough condition to do so, your task may be quite simple. Try to hide a pill completely in a snack your pet is used to and offer it under normal snack-giving circumstancesif your dog senses something amiss, he'll be more likely to take his time or investigate. This camouflaging approach can also work at mealtime, but can make verification a bit trickier. Try to avoid crushing pills, as it will be difficult to determine whether an entire dose has been administered and crushing can tend to make your dog's normal meal taste strange, possibly leading to rejection. Liquid Medications Liquid medication application tends to be a bit easier to accomplish since specialized syringes are available specifically for the task. Before administering the medication, try to bring your dog to a calm and relaxed statethe more comfortable he is, the simpler your job will be. Since your pet trusts you, you can turn medicine time into a routine that ends in a generous treat for a job well done. Be Aware of Common Conditions Most people have a general knowledge about illness that affect people, including symptoms, preventative measures and treatments. When you choose to share your home and life with a dog, it's your responsibility to be aware of common health issues that could become an issue during your pet's lifetime. This basic understanding will help you recognize the signs of potential health issues when they pop up. A great way to get a general overview is simply by asking your vet and checking out a library book or two on the subject. If your dog is a pure breed, keep in mind that certain breeds are affected by special problems more so than others. Pure bred pups are often more susceptible to health problems as well due to a more limited gene pool than would be available to mixed breeds. Knowing and Caring For Your Pet No one ever wants her dog to get sick. Although dealing with the occasional illness or accident is an inevitable part of being a pet owner, the best way to show your love for your pooch is to take good care of her. A healthy dog's love should be filled with lots of exercise, affection and a carefully controlled diet that's rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fats. The other side to this coin is attention and vigilance. Since your pup can't very well speak up and let you know if something feels different, it's up to you to notice any changes in your dog's behavior and determine whether a visit to the vet is appropriate. Just as with human health, prevention is an excellent strategy to keep your pet in great health. By staying well informed about common dog illnesses and issues and administering lots of tender love and care, you and your dog are sure to enjoy a long and happy life together.
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