There are many places for rock climbing lovers

by:SanTong     2020-06-18
Khao Sok is especially great for deep water soloing which means you climb up a cliff face and have water below. Climbing up with no rope or other equipment lets you climb more frrely and is easier. There are many routes from beginners to advanced climbers. To climb in Khao Sok you do not need any experience at all. The beginners routes they have is very basic and not very high. And if you fall there is no danger as thefresh water in Khao sok has no rock oysters to cut yourself, no sharp barnacles or anything like that. Not just that, but Khao sok jas a abundant of wildlife around and does make your climbing experience just that better. For hard-core mountain climbers who want to push their limits, that choice is also available. New routes are constantly being made. First ascents are limitless. You could really spend a lifetime climbing all the new routes in Khao Sok National Park. In other words, there is almost unlimited mountain climbing potential in Khao Sok National Park . Railay beach is probably more familiar to tourists as a great soloing climbing place in Thailand, it does also offer specatular views and always has new routes being made available, but Khao Sok climbing routes are on a much bigger scale and the holdings and rock formations just can not be match by Railay. So if your in Thaialnd are want to experience climbing in the rainforest surrounded by nature, then Khao Sok is the place to go.My wife and I are experienced climbers and we frequently spend a few of the days climbing around Thailand. We want to spend the rest of the time relaxing when we are not climbing during those days this is really a great place to do both.
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