There are plenty of pieces of equipment that tree

by:SanTong     2020-06-20
1. Trolley Where would we be without trolleys? Incredibly useful to cart things around in (such as other pieces of kit) or even to take the cut branches away from your garden in order to clear things up. A must have for almost any reasonably-sized project. 2. Harness If ever you need to get to some of the trickier parts of the tree then a harness is a very good idea. They come with all sorts of accessories that are detailed below, however, a strong harness is incredibly important as if there are any faults with it or it simply isn't strong enough for your work then you could meet with fatal consequences. In order to get the most out of a harness they come in several different patterns and types, with arguably the most common being the chest harness, the full-body harness and the sit string harness. 3. Climing Equipment A) Ropes - if you don't know why you wouldn't need ropes when climbing then it's probably best to let the professionals sort this job out for you. B) Karabiners - These are incredibly useful for ensuring safety when climbing, as they connect components in a quick and safe manner. They tend to be most commonly found in rope-intensive environments. C) Climbing Spurs - you can have all the protection and safety in the world that you desire with all manner of fancy pulleys and ropes, however one of the most reassuring things for anyone in a tree is if they are wearing spurs. Although it's unlikely that they'll be able to attach you to the tree on their own, when wearing spurs one has a much greater deal of security and they can make the difference if things go wrong at a great height. D) Knives - obviously if you are removing branches and twigs from trees it's very useful to have a knife to hand, but sometimes they can also be valuable if you need to cut yourself free in a situation. Another absolute must-have. This is an overview of some of the most basic pieces of equipment you will need and the importance of trolleys
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