There's a majestic emotion that comes from seeing

by:SanTong     2020-06-22
Inspired? Wonderfully enough, there are hundreds-upon-hundreds of such works throughout the ages. Found in caves or on vases, like this one: It goes back to almost 400-years before Christ. Thought to be a breed known as a Molossian, it shows that this dog was fracking fearless, attacking even when about to be cut with a deadly sword. Anyway, enough with the art. Let's get down to the science. Your Basic Pointer Back in ancient times, owners took the no-frills approach. Using a check-cord the trainer would guide the canine, teaching the animal how to find and fetch downed prey. In some cases, like the BC vase staining above, that mutt took it upon itself to become a solo act in taking something out of service. Nowadays, a check-cord can be DIY'd but you're advised to go pro and get this training device from a commercial source. They simply last longer, easier to see. When you purchase it, make sure you get a good pair of gloves. Rope burns will do a number on your hands. Once you get beyond the tethering stage, snap-up a tracking collar or one that beeps so you'll be able to find the cur if it gets locked-up in the brush. To eliminate your hunting buddy from reverting back to the way it was before the check-cord orientation, you're advised to invest in an electronic collar. As a matter of fact, there are some e-collars on the market which perform double-duty - it's an e-collar and a GPS locator all-in-one. It's one hell of a great investment for the serious hunter. Some misguided folks think that an e-collar is pretty nasty. That's nuts. The current crop of devices are fairly soft on the dog - when you compare them to the savage 'old ways' of training. Not too long ago, horses would be employed to intimidate the dog. Even worse, slingshots were used to 'correct' the canine's off-kilter performance. Both the check-cord and the e-collar are must-have items as you train your pal for the hunt. They do different things. One can 'reel' the dog toward you as you start its training. The e-collar is for when the pup goes to college, ready to take to the woods with you by its side.
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