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by:SanTong     2020-06-06
All play equipment including Children's Outdoor Play Equipment is manufactured to a safety standard in the UK and that goes for anything that is sold via retailers. The manufacturing safety standard in question is EN71 this covers all kids toys. If the piece of play equipment that you are looking at does not have this number on it then as a rule it has not passed the UK safety tests and should not be purchased. These are strict test and are there for a reason, which is the safety of your children Age Appropriate Something else to consider when purchasing Kids Outdoor Play Equipment is what age group is the equipment made for. We all too often find children that have injured themselves during play when they are on equipment because they are either too big for it or too small for the piece of equipment. When you look at the equipment it should tell you the age group that the play equipment was made for. There is no point in buying a trampoline for a small child and clearly they will not be old enough. It may seem common sense but this is one of the most popular mistakes made when buying outdoor play equipment Security When buying a swing for your child, a major safety issue is the setting up of the swing. Before buying make sure that the legs can be safely secured to the ground in some way, to ensure that the swing does not topple over when in use. Make sure that where the rope is attached to the frame, that the rope cannot come free from the S hooks. When putting the swing in position choose a spot that is free from obstruction and preferable on a grassed area or have some safety matting put down to cushion those bumps and falls that are going to happen. Slides Slides are the same as swings, they need to be positioned in an appropriate place away from obstructions and tethered down safely. You must also ensure that the sides of the slide are at least 64mm high to stop children from falling out. Climbing Frames Climbing frames are becoming more and more popular these days and are subject to more and more accidents. The main issue with this type of equipment is they are not secured properly to the ground and again often positioned in the wrong places. As these pieces of equipment are generally self assembly you must ensure that you follow the manufacturer instructions to the letter. You must also ensure that before anyone gets on the equipment all of the nuts and bolts have been tightened up correctly Bouncy Castle Phenomenon Bouncy Castles, there is a growing trend in the UK have bouncy castles in the garden. The main issue with bouncy castles is the room they take up. When you buy the bouncy castle from a store it looks small enough, but when you get it home it may be a different story. You need to check carefully how much room you have for this type of outdoor play equipment before purchasing. There is also a risk of misuse with this type of equipment, misuse by having too many people on the bouncy castle at any one time. Mixing big kids with small kids is also a recipe for disaster, and by big kids we mean adults also. So in summary, if we all used a bit of common sense when buying and using the outdoor play equipment, it is possible we can all make our gardens a safer place for all, including our children.
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