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by:SanTong     2020-06-15
Why Nepal? Why travel to Nepal you ask? Well the most obvious attraction is the beautiful mountain ranges it has to offer. There are so many different places to visit but nothing is as charming as Mount Everest. Adventure at its best If you are into adventure, trekking and hiking, peak climbing is the best bet for you to have a good time. You would be able to witness the most beautiful of sights when you are climbing in these regions. There are so many beautiful locations to see that you may very well spend your whole day looking at the beauty before you. You would ideally have to start planning your trip a couple of months before you travel; this is keeping the travel procedures at hand, research on the location and package deals. Travel in a group always When you are going peak climbing in Nepal, you would be better off going with a big group in place. The reason being the cheap discounts you would be able to avail. This could be from the hotel stay to the climbing deals. You would be able to get every single purchase for a cheaper bet. There would be a good chance you could get your stay sorted out for half the price than a last minute deal. Try booking in advance and try booking with a minimum of 10 people. How do you plan trekking? When you are at the Mount Everest base camp, there would be many more people planning to go climbing too. It would make sense to team up with them to get cheap deals and also go in a bigger group. You would have a better time on the trek and also get to see the joys of climbing better. Make it a point to get to know the people before you climb together, this could be basic knowing names and calls. Be better prepared Peak climbing in Nepal is no joke; you need to be extremely careful when you are climbing. This would mean checking on the weather, finding out the clothes you need to wear, the different bits of gear you would have to carry on - all of it is important. When you are climbing from the Mount Everest base camp, always carry a couple of compasses in case you ever get lost. You should always be in a situation that you can find your way back and judge the direction to go. Make it a point to climb with a knotted rope at all times and travel in large groups so you can always depend on someone if anything goes wrong.
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