To be able to modify and expand the configuration

by:SanTong     2020-06-19
Over the last few years childrens climbing frames have become a common feature in many suburban gardens. Timber frames that blend in with the garden make them appear as a natural part of the surroundings. Many wooden climbing frames are bought in kit form and have a pre-set design that means that there are limitations to it's size, shape and features (such as swings and slides). To be able to create a play center that exactly meets the needs of children is becoming a clear requirement. To be able to change and expand the configuration of the playcenter as the number, size and age of the children using it changes, is something many parents now desire. Especially when the other option is to replace it with an entirely new one. This is where the scope of modular wooden climbing frames is coming to the fore! Being able to design your own Wooden Climbing Frame (or Playcenter) that includes the number and style of bridges, slides, nets,swings and towers allows the creative side of parents to come to the fore. And their little ones can get involved too! Starting with the key part of any climbing frame, the Tower, the playcenter can be designed to include any modules from a variety of designs to be added into the construction. These play towers have a variety of sizes and shapes to chose from, including a range of fabric and wooden roofs. All may inter connect via bridges and are able to have slide, swing and rope structures added to them. The slides and swings may be selected from the range of accessories to complete the type and theme of the Playcenter. When the time approaches to add or change the components, simply by purchasing new or replacement components, the wooden climbing frames can expand or change their features or theme within a few hours. To make these playcenters as exciting as possible for imaginative little ones, a full variety of wooden climbing frame accessories such as telescopes, rope ladders, steering wheels and much more are available. They are aimed at stimulating children's imaginations as well as giving them a lot of fun swinging, climbing and sliding. When traditional climbing frames just don't provide the flexibility that the parents of today need, a modular play center may just be the solution.
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