To introduce the classification of the chain aramid fiber cable for you

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Chain according to its structure can be divided into the stud link chain link ( 螺栓链) And no gear chain ( Studless链) Two kinds. Stud link chain link has rung in size and material phase at the same time, the strength of the chain of stud is bigger than without gear chain, small deformation, and pile up is not easy to twist around, is widely used in large and medium-sized modern ship. The link gear chain has no rail, used only for small vessels. Standard regulation, when equipped with cable diameter does not exceed 17 mm as required, figure 3 - test can be used 15 stud link chain load equal without gear chain, or breaking load equal wire or fiber rope Marine ropes instead. Chain according to its manufacturing methods, steel chain, welded chain, forging chain and so on. Cast steel chain high strength, good rigidity, small deformation, wear-resisting, rail is not easy to loose, long service life, and is suitable for mass production. Its disadvantage is that technology is complex, high cost, poor impact resistance performance. Welding cable is used to meet the requirements of bending round steel materials and welded together, has the advanced production technology, simple, low cost, good quality, etc. Forging chain has better resistance to impact toughness, but the manufacturing process is complex, high cost, the quality is not stable. Now, the electric cable has been the most widely used on ships. Chain to almost all flash welding method, less with cast anchor chain. In addition to cable accessories for forging parts, forging chain has been basically eliminated. Used in the production of stud anchor chain steel grades, welding cable M1, M2, and M3 are the three levels, the cast steel chain is divided into M2, and M3. In front of the appropriate code to add A ( Such as AM2) Said stud chain, said no gear chain (B Has BMl and BM2 two level) 。 The higher the level of steel, the bigger the tensile strength. AMl level chain is killed steel, steel grade AM2, AM3 chain steel as quiet fine grain steel processing. On the same ship, if choose strength of steel, link size can be reduced.   Abandoned anchor device is one of the Marine cable end between the hull and can rapidly release the connection device, is controlled by a hook, brake and braking card hand wheel, etc. In must be immediately released from hull Marine chain, can manipulate located on the main deck or chain locker adjacent class the handwheel, make brake times, hook turn, Marine cable that is connected to the hull from. Its characteristic is under the condition of the Marine cable force is very big, also can quickly and safely to implement 'cut'. Such as cable decoupling chain segments, the general wasn't cut. Decoupling segment in the eyes of the shackle and chain locker pull connection at one end, on the other side is a slip, through a link and end chain segment. Decoupling the length of the chain segment, just can make the slip appear on the main deck, so that the chain when it finished, staff can open the slip on the deck, relief Marine cable.
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