To prevent Marine three or four strands of anchor cable in cracking method have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine three or four strands of rope anchor rope is connected to the anchor Marine cable, but also because of the connected to the anchor, it is easier to the risk of cracking, then we how to do ability to prevent this phenomenon? Anchor rope is made from a mix of anchor and cable, and over the ship using the anchor rope is called Marine anchor rope. And follow the development of The Times, the anchor by stone material quality gradually transformed into metal, metal hard, so need be cable of splitting prevention measures. , the anchor rope needs check regularly. Anchor rope is used to fix the ship, before the ship travel take a closer look at the anchor rope safety performance and wear, higher risk for performance of the cable to replace in time, to add the flight safety, add guarantee for people's life safety. Second, the anchor rope needs regular maintenance. Ship for a long time of the flight, flight back after people requirements in a timely manner to maintenance of anchor rope, and for anchor rope to timely replacement has been scrapped, such doing can prevent its present the risk of cracking in flight process. Structure consisting of three strands of rope features used wire, linen or cotton rope, synthetic fiber in the future is mostly made with nylon, polypropylene, whalen, polyester, etc. Synthetic fiber rope in addition to the light weight, high strength, good resistance to impact and abrasion resistance, such as corrosion resistance, resistance to decay, bug eat by moth strengths. Such as nylon rope strength and wear resistance of several times more than linen, cotton rope, polypropylene rope specific gravity less than water, can float on the surface of the water, very convenient to safety. Chemical fiber cable according to the processing structure into three strands, strand twist twisted rope and 8 strands, strand twisted rope. 3 cable generally 4 ~ 50 mm diameter, 8 cable generally 35 ~ 120 mm diameter. Chemical fiber rope except for ship's mooring, also widely used in traffic transport, industry, mining, sports and fishing, etc. According to the requirements of the special purpose, but also within the core into metal materials.
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