Toys have a deep influence on the mental development

by:SanTong     2020-06-07
Usually, the sign of the mental development for kids 2.5 to 3 years old is that they can give answer to simple questions in the story. For example, watch the pictures and answer question like 'What's the cat doing?' Besides, be able to counting numbers from one to five with hands and mouth consistently, recognize various shapes and identify basic colors correctly. In terms of daily living, they can tie their own buttons, take off their pants, socks, but also put on own pants, shoes, socks, can clearly identify the left and right. During this period, parents should choose the following five categories of toys for them. Firstly, Beads in various shapes and colors. As the children grew older, beads this time should be smaller than those two years ago, the holes on the beads can also be smaller, the other thing needs to do is to prepare some nylon rope. Simulation baby doll is a good choice. This doll is best larger than 40 cm, has the full set of clothes, shoes, pants or socks, and better has some small buttons and zippers, which is convenient for later, when children play role-playing games can help a wide range of dolls wearing clothes. Secondly, prepare the children a variety of shapes of plastic embedded boards. The shape is better to be more and richer than those of two and a half years ago. Prepare some simple puzzles toys and assembly blocks toys, the number of puzzle pieces less is best, from the simple two puzzles to four, and finally gradually increased to eight or sixteen. Prepare kids play house toys with a variety of topics, such as doctor toys, woodworker toys, or kitchen toys. Above all else, let children play with water fun toys, sand toys, there are various different images of animals, plants, fruits toys. Obviously, Children at this time increase outdoor activities and are particularly willing to go outside and play. You can prepare some children tricycle, battery motorcycle or battery car, and children with higher athletic ability can prepare them scooters. You can prepare your child's toys like cat fishing. Prepare a variety of picture books children like to read this time, such as baby illustrated and more.
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