Twelve Marine cable can not be bound to the ship forward

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The story of the battle of red cliff believe everyone had heard of, this is history famous with less number of battle, in the battle of red cliff, jun soldiers to prevent water and soil defy, planking links up, make the soldiers in the ship, but it was also the factors led to the failure of the war. But no matter ancient and modern, the ship use twelve rope tied together are very dangerous. Cable has certain elasticity, and in the daily bundled the weight, this can be a better protection of cable play a role, but the cable stretch is limited, in the ship, during a run by water, wind speed and other factors, the influence of different ships sailing speed will be different, if to be bundled together, not only will increase for the ship's forward difficult, also will increase the cable fault, the ship sailing the probability that the risk of instability occurs. Twelve strands of the cable is big brother of the cable, when lifting work, it can play a big role, but the function of the cable is limited, while using the need according to particular case is particular analysis. People of north China are in the dog days of MoFu weather, in the high temperature weather we all have too much energy to an activity, but in the crane lifting place, three strands of the cable is still struggling to work, so the heat resistant strength of the cable do you understand? In different places of lifting rope work content is different, it may be with tools such as block match crane lifting work, also may be with hook, shackle, rigging collocation to tie the fixed work, but no matter on what work needs to be in a suitable temperature range. Cable material is fiber material, through a variety of tools after processing, the cable has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, can also be about 60 degrees below zero lifting work with about 80 degrees above freezing, but with the increasing of temperature, the performance of the cable will reduce gradually, so the temperature is high or low places using the cable, we need to reduce the strength of the cable work. Widely used three strands of the cable, but we also need to pay attention to the work sites before use temperature conditions.
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