Umnitza angel eyes are an addition which will

by:SanTong     2020-06-11
The first thing is the tools required for installation let's see what all are them Oven Small falt head screw driver Cookie sheet Channel locks Electrical tape Scissors Socket wrench 10 mm socket Soldering iron Solder Wire strippers Heat gun , matches or lighter These things are the important ones, once you start installing you can take out others if required let's see how the installation is done. 1. First take a look at the kit. First take out the rings and test all the rings inside the kit. Then take the ballast (it is a black rectangular box) and then connect two of the wires of the ballast to two of the rings. After this, the red wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery and the brown is connected to the bare metal. Take special care that when the ballast is connected does not hold the red and the brown wires together. Doing this may cause your ballast to blow. You should be very careful with this as this warning comes straight from Umnitza. 2. The second step is removing the two bolts in the top of the head light. Then pull the head lights carefully. it will take much power to pull and take off the pressure tabs so just pull it. Do this carefully as the fender is not scratched by the mounting pin. 3. The next step is removing the bulbs, ballast and three screws which are attached to the clear housing from the head light unit. The ballast will be having a yellow and orange sticker so it will be easy to spot and to remove. 4. Then remove the HID bulb, to do this first we have to rotate the plastic cover counter clockwise and squeeze the two metal pins towards each other. Special care should be taken that the bulb is not touched in this process and the bulb stays intact. 5. Then the head light s backed in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes and at 200 to 250 degrees 6. Next step is to remove the amber lens care fully 7. Then we can install the clear lens easily. Just assure that the channel locks are tightened
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