Use cable application domain, and the note

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable due to its various ultra superior performance, can be used in full. High quality of the tow rope, high strength and pulling on the rope. High strength, light weight, easy to operate. Although one-time investment is higher, but as long as the cord to maintain proper, its service life is 2 - other cable Three times. Used in fishing and coastal industrial heavy duty rope. Sea waterlogging system, rescue system, offshore oil platform system, embedded anchor, anchor and mooring line; Marine seismic survey, submarine cable, sailing boat with a sail, sail foot line, the halyard, sail rope, twine, gliding cable, umbrella rope, climbing rope, sail ropes, shooting with the bowstring, etc. Navy with rope, rigging, paratroops cable and other sail ropes, with an umbrella, a helicopter sling, save and army troops and armored forces, a variety of sail, motor with a strong rope; Due to its high strength, small diameter, light weight and easy to carry and operate, suitable cable in many ways. On the construction schedule, there will be 2 ~ 3 per base tower of and have bottle of string operation ability, each tower must be equipped with a qualified intercom, in order to find problems or contact commander in the construction. Cable traction breaking force is small, traction rope, long construction is easy to cause broken rope, has had this problem in other projects, so you have to choose a pair of drum ground where less than 4 ㎞ grinding or small traction station site. When construction section within the guide rope all connection to end, again in the airport traction all guided by the section line, must be strictly implemented. In the process of traction, well tower personnel must pay attention to take care of the operation of the cable, especially off the track, crash barriers, etc. , in the event of parking or raise tension immediately, to protect the safe operation. Small block must hang every base, sliding bearing can hang on the straight line tower, tower Angle tension must be hanging scroll bearing small block, must carry on the test on the suspension, four wheel to rotate freely, for there is a problem to adjust, repair or replacement. Put before the messenger to watch the weather show, especially the direction of the wind, to determine which side rope into the first car, prevent when two rope exhibition after racking, especially should first put a piece of rope tightening as soon as possible, to prevent the occurrence of two rope racking. Winding spool recycling structure frame, application such as cloth wrapped well, put an end to cable and iron content such as direct contact, prevent damages to the rope, in the construction, use, storage, transportation, not allowed to cut the cable without authorization, must strengthen the safekeeping and use. In the process of traction, to slow exercise, and keep a certain tension, rope holding rope should not exceed 500 ㎏, cable guide rope should not exceed 1000 ㎏, block in the bottom of a ground should not be placed before grinding, if must be placed, should be far away from the ground grinding. When traction guide rope will arrive pay-off block should immediately stop, open the small block, guide rope on the pulley groove, are not allowed to guide rope be out of tune too small block, such as cable bending connector, small block can go too small block must be observed, but slow traction. When traction guide rope di nima rope, it is important to note that di cable racking, measures should be prepared, when installing rotary connector must be flexible and reliable. In use process found sheath damaged, with plastic tape winding, for the inner cable is found to be broken stocks, should be the command or related personnel after cut off again, again with overlapping method, made from silk string cable, with the continuous tightening around in circles sew several needles, then use plastic tape winding outside, not directly to buckle. For the obstacles along the handle required by stringing construction work instructions. This method just put out the guide rope exhibition, especially live line, measures must be prepared, not a substitute for the wire rack, etc. , to attract attention. Inspection on cable before renting, particularly in the use process, because with the slower, you must check it designated persons, to have doubt or problem to handle in time, after use, also must return the rent check.
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