Use PE polyethylene cable as well as the characteristics of the note

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
PE rope is PE polyethylene cable. Poly (PVC, PE polyethylene was divided into low molecular weight and high molecular weight, low molecular weight can be liquid, colorless, odorless, insoluble in water, the density of 0. 92 g/cm 3, can be used as lubricating oil and paint; High molecular weight are solid in general, milky white, thermoplastic, hands have wax feeling, density at zero. 92-0. 96 g/cm 3. Its corrosion resistance, insulation performance is good. High density polyethylene with rigidity, hardness, and high mechanical strength, can do container, pipe, also can do the high frequency electrical insulating materials, used in radar and television. Polyethylene material does not dissolve in water, water imbibition is small, it is of some chemical solvents, such as toluene, acetic acid, and only showing modest dissolved when temperature above 70 ℃. But polyethylene particles shape, can be between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃ melting or solidification, along with the change of temperature at higher temperatures melt, absorbing heat; At lower temperature solidification, gives off heat. Water quantity is small, and because it is not easy to damp, good insulation performance, so is a good building materials. The particle shape of polyethylene doped in the cement, can make the walls and floor. Use it in normal temperature endothermic melting and solidification characteristics, heat release when the room temperature, it absorbs heat melting; The temperature falls it gives off heat coagulation. So you can make the room temperature is stable. So is a good heat storage material. According to its other features, this kind of building materials and prevent the leakage, the action of heat, moisture and corrosion resistance. Have a customer advisory prices of polypropylene flat wire rope, net export manufacturers, customers do with polyethylene rope at ordinary times, but polyethylene rope more exquisite, easy to loose, after the knot and the advantages of flat wire rope is a rope of monofilament is coarser, knot is not easy to slide. But the weight of the polypropylene is bigger than polyethylene, theoretical analysis, the formula for propylene is: CH3CH2CH3, ethylene formula is: CH3CH3, much more than polyethylene polypropylene a carbon atom, so the heavier than polyethylene polypropylene rope made of quality. The structure of polypropylene is as follows: - - - ( CH2- CH( 甲基) - CH2- CH( 甲基) - CH2- CH( 甲基) ) n - - - - Polyethylene structure is as follows: - - - ( CH2- CH2- CH2- CH2) n - - - - Can be seen from the structure of polyethylene polypropylene than many a branched chain, after make the rope, due to the effect of branched chain, is to make relative polyethylene polypropylene rope has stronger pull, knot is not easy to slide. Polyethylene is more flexible than polypropylene rope, smooth, feel is smooth. The density of polypropylene is 0. 91, the density of the polyethylene is 0. 93, so should be polyethylene heavier.
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