Use the choose and buy of rope technique and the note

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The strength of the polymer polyethylene fiber is the highest of artificial synthetic fiber, its strength can reach 1 with specifications wire. Five times, and very low elongation, equivalent to that of metal wire breaking elongation. Made of the cable with resistance to ultraviolet radiation, water, acid and alkali resistance to fatigue, climate, temperature and prolonging the operation cycle, etc. Polymer polyethylene cable has super strength and special performance of high quality has become the first products of special industries, product use: national defense war industry, special ships and offshore oil, ocean transportation, and other fields. The rope is indispensable in our daily life objects, it makes the packaging items will not appear loose cracking phenomenon, add packaging characteristics, but also conducive to customer support. But some packaging line will appear rupture phenomenon, when to take not only damage the packaging items, more influence mood, so we're going to use high quality rope to packaging items. In the face of numerous rope products manufacturer, we are all what are the skills of choose and buy? First: the choose and buy the packing rope to pull it, on the one hand, observe its ductility, on the other hand inspection of its quality. Good ductility, is not only able to withstand strong pulling with pressure resistance ability of extension at the same time, ensure the safety of the items in the packing rope tied to the strong. Second: to keep for a long time compactability, promise not to loose. Third: high temperature resistance, will not be melted in the ultra high temperature or deformation. See appearance is a glamorous, hand touch is soft. Fourth: safe and reliable, simple and convenient to operate, at the same time protect the people and objects, and will not make the object is polluted. Without the sharp edges of steel belt, safe operation, neither hand injury or damage to the bound object. Precautions: (polyethylene cable 1) PE line is mainly used in blow molding, injection molding, and other fields, in other industries is not fully applied. ( 2) Polyethylene rope in use, it is strictly prohibited to direct contact with sharp objects, such as unavoidable should pad to protect. ( 3) Polyethylene rope should have good acid and alkali, No acid) with characteristics of oxidation resistant , but I still don't long time of contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive medium. ( 4) Polyethylene rope with high strength, corrosion resistance, low temperature, moisture and good printing ability and machinability. ( 5) Polyethylene rope should be check carefully before use, when the surface even wear no more than 30% of the diameter, no more than 10% with the cross section of the diameter of the local touch injury, can be used according to the diameter or less cutting. Such as local touch injury and local corrosion is serious, can be cut to the damaged part of the plug.
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