Vessel is mainly composed of which devices

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Ships must be installed in a variety of equipment, through the equipment to complete the voyage of the ship, by the navigation, loading and unloading of goods, such as production operation, and ensure the safety of the ship and personnel. Vessels are the main equipment of power equipment, control equipment, loading and unloading equipment and safety equipment, etc. Ships must be configured a set of meet the requirements of the specification power equipment and auxiliary equipment, can normal sailing on the water. The power plant including ship main power devices, auxiliary power unit, steam boiler, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, compressed air equipment, Marine pumps and piping system, water equipment and automation systems. The mechanical and electrical power equipment mainly concentrated in the cabin, specialized management technology sector is the engine of these devices. Ship power plant is also sometimes referred to as 'turbine', is refers to ensure the normal order of the ship sailing, homework, anchor passengers and crew of machinery and equipment needed for the normal work and life. It specifically includes the following aspects of content: ( 1) Propulsion system: the ship in order to promote all kinds of machinery and equipment needed for the ship motion is called propulsion system, it is the most important part of ship power plant, including host, transmission device, the propeller shaft and ship. Host is the engine of the ship, including steam engines, internal combustion engine and atomic engine, etc. Transmission equipment including the clutch and gear box, mainly for the host and the shaft separated or connected, often driving equipment of small vessels also assuming the task of reversing and slow. Main effect is the host of ship shaft power passed to propeller, it includes the shaft, bearings and seals, etc. Admiral ship propeller is the modern ship machine energy converted to push ship movement of energy from the device and start the host can make screw rotation, propeller rotation in water, can make the ship forward or backward. The pilot from the cockpit through the telegraph and the turbine engine room management personnel contact ( Or directly remote machine) , change the host of the revolution and rotation direction of the axis, to control the speed of the ship sailing and kind.   ( 2) Assist device: besides ship propulsion device, to other kinds of energy required to produce the ship equipment, called assistive device, it include the power station and the auxiliary boiler plant. Many of the mechanical equipment in ships cannot leave the electricity, ship power station is used to produce and supply auxiliary machinery and the electricity required to ship lighting, it consists of generating set, switchboards and other electrical equipment, etc. Auxiliary boiler plant used to produce low pressure steam, heating supply the ship and other necessities, it for its services by auxiliary boiler and fuel oil, water supply, blast and other mechanical equipment and pipeline valve.   ( 3) Ship piping system: used to connect all kinds of machinery and equipment, transportation of the working medium, part of it consists of power system and the system of the ship. Power system for main and auxiliary machinery services, including fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water, compressed air, exhaust gas and waste heat utilization of pipeline system. System to ensure tenacity of the ship's ( Vitality) And the crew and passengers pipeline system is needed for normal life, including the bilge, ballast water supply, fire protection, life, rescue, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, etc.   ( 4) Ship deck machinery: is to ensure that the ship course, berthing and loading and unloading of goods required machinery and equipment, including steering anchoring mechanical equipment, machinery equipment and lifting machinery and equipment. Ship equipment & have spent In order to engage in normal operation, ship except installation promote the host must also have a variety of other equipment, for general transport ships, the main equipment including rudder, anchor and mooring equipment, hoisting equipment, etc. ( 1) Rudder equipment: is to change and keep the ship heading equipment, composed of steering and steering gear. Navigation of ships, through the steering gear rotating blade, make water produced in the rudder blade transverse force, provides the gyroscopic moment for ship, keeping the ship heading or rotation. ( 2) Anchor device: it is the floorboard of the vessels used equipment and machinery, mainly used in offshore fixed position, at the same time also can be used as a ship braking, control of hull and turn around. Stranded, can be used as stable and tug boat hull from shallow tool. Anchor device by the anchor, chain, brake device, the anchor chain machine, chain wheel, etc.
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