Well there is no wonder for one to confuse mountaineering

by:SanTong     2020-05-01
Weather in mountainous terrain is very unpredictable, always be prepared. In winter storms are frequent and whiteouts are common year round near glacial sheets. Mountain tops or summits because they attract stormy clouds, while the rest of the area remains to be warm and sunny. No matter what the weather, take rain gear. If camping, take a tent, sleeping bag and camp stove. Check the local long range weather forecast before going out on any climb. Hazardous causing criteria are still more to be stated in mountaineering. Water flow at any creek or river may vary greatly from one day to the next. A rain storm or a thin layer of melting snow may be easily turned into gushy storm of water in fraction of seconds. We should be ready to throw off the straps of your back pack at any instant of time when crossing any water body like a stream of water. Train yourself with the art of log walking. Never ever look down while crossing water on a log. Only forward crawling movements are supposed to be made. Rockfall happens when loosened by melting or climbers. When a group is climbing, do so in a diagonal manner to avoid rocks hitting members of the party. Try to travel early in the morning before the ground starts melting. Avalanches are different and are more command in winter and spring, but do occur anytime of the year. All mountaineers should learn to recognize the signs of a possible avalanche. They are more likely to happen during and after heavy snowfalls accompanied by strong winds. During the spring and summer, avalanches are triggered when the warm sun and melting conditions weaken the snowpack. Snow that is hanging over a ledge or cliff is always a hazard and can cause slides. Watching for avalanches and rockfall is essential, no matter when or where you are climbing. Always be cautious with glaciers. They possess more degree of danger. Glaciers are hazardous because of hidden crevasses, ice avalanches and how to stop from sliding without the help of an ice-axe. Never venture over a glacier or a steep snow slope unless properly equipped and experienced.
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