What are factors of nylon rope price differences?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Now consumers to purchase nylon rope must shop around, but some people find different manufacturer nylon rope price difference is very big, why the same type of nylon rope will have such a big price difference? Impact nylon rope differences in the main reason is that the cost of production, all people will say 'cheap goods is not good, the good stuff is not cheap', it still makes sense to speak of. From the point of production materials, good material production of nylon rope must be expensive in the difference of material, good nylon material is not easy to aging, and strength can keep for a long time; On the other hand is to make work, scientific rope can guarantee the nylon rope high tensile strength, strength, not easy to wear and tear. Instead is not corrosion resistant, low intensity, and thus cause the price difference. So when buying in the market, most of the time just from the outside can see how the product quality, and good quality nylon rope colorful appearance, feel is smooth, waxy, and inferior products may be only half as good raw materials, nylon cord color looks not so bright, feel is also very rough, in contrast is relatively cheap. Nylon rope is a rope made of nylon material, grinding it good, good abrasion resistance and heat resistance. It is mainly used for mountaineering, safety rope, traction rope, industrial lifting rope and so on. Use nylon rope is good but also have certain requirements: 1, the nylon cord after high temperature water will produce toxic substances to human health, such as methane and other toxins. Toxins into boiling water and rice dumplings, people eat rice dumplings contaminated by toxins, light have nausea and stomach discomfort, the person that weigh can appear the symptom such as dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. So don't use nylon rope wound need to heat food. 2, nylon rope, for fear of hot, so he cannot insolate 3, nylon cord is composed of alkaline material, so can't acid, therefore, don't put the nylon rope in acid. 4, after the nylon rope with long must be clean. You can use clear water, also can use neutral or special cleaning detergents, after washing out flat on the ground in order; 5, nylon rope in use process to avoid being hard to break.
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