What are the basic characteristics of the steel wire rope?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
With the development of industrial technology, rotating steel wire rope has will gradually replace the normal single strands wire rope, more and more widely applied in crane occasions. The line features some resistance to rotation can be greatly improve the service life of wire rope. 18 * 7 + IWS wire rope is a kind of technology is relatively mature rotation resistance wire rope, but after long-term use of gradually exposed its structural defects, core line of early failure cannot be found directly. Lead to the existence of serious security hidden danger. Development of 16 * 6: IWRC structure wire rope can not only enrich the structure of the rotating wire resistance varieties, to provide more choices for hoisting rope, 18 * 7 + IWS wire rope structure and customer service of birth defects. To a certain extent, solve the ordinary structure wire rope can't both rotational resistance and impact resistance. Wire rope wear including the external surface of the steel wire rope wear and internal surface of steel wire rope wear. External surface of the steel wire rope wear in place objects caused by relative slip occurs, such as wire rope and the rope pulley groove disguised contact friction surface friction outside this kind of wire rope in the visible part of the outer strands of outer wire rope. For scrap steel wire rope style of the test shows that the internal surface of steel wire rope were also different degree of wear and tear. Uniform and reasonable gap between shares is one of the basic characteristics of qualified steel wire rope. In the design process even design a gap between stocks, but if not good condition, although from the surface of wire rope has production successfully, but its service life will be affected by a lot. The former Soviet union experts in some countries to study the production of steel wire rope, wire rope and shares before clearance, when the wire rope manufacturer in design in our country have a gap between their respective shares. Uniform and reasonable stock is to reduce the gap between the steel wire rope under load and bending when shares of contact stress and friction stress between preferred method, a small gap between shares will lead to production imprinting between stocks and shares, eventually lead to wire appear rupture phenomenon. In the structural design of wire rope, adopt scientific and reasonable gap between stocks, than class can get very good solution to this problem, the service life of wire rope will increase significantly.
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