What are the benefits of the correct use of Marine cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Correct use of ship cable in addition to operating the sailors and the safety of the ship, vice improves the guarantee can also lengthen the service life of the cable. 1. Before use, first mate ( The bow) Or the second officer ( A) Carefully check the cable in good condition, a rope to certain parts of the broken ends of excessive wear or large, timely replacement cable, can not afford time to change the process of using try not to let this cable tensile strength of the bear is too big, to prevent sudden rupture. (2) with LAN personnel must be familiar with oneself will operate the types and characteristics of the cable, targeted operation, such as synthetic fiber rope before fracture will not make a sound, there are no signs can be very intuitive to see, if you made this cable in the cable force, must grasp the cable tension of the big bear good, prevent sudden rupture. (3) listed with sailors and ship must wear safety helmet, gloves, safety shoes, work clothes. 'Should never be allowed to wear slippers and shorts, with listed to bring' a lot of boat of individual ship and sailors do not pay attention to the protection of their own, once appear accidental, cable rupture, huge function in the fracture of the cable head cable rupture strength, speed, threaten their safety. (4) head ( The bow) And the second officer ( Stern) At the time of operation stir cable car note. The practice proved: the cable fracture is mainly due to the continuous impact load. For this reason, stir the cable car to operating personnel, must be skilled operation, try to reduce the impact load to the cable, reduce cable fault causes for this reason. (5) with LAN personnel must be familiar with LAN operation involved in the process of gestures and sign language, such as: put, closed, stop, stop, etc. 6. Position requirements: the position of personnel and outboard of the cable with cable section; All personnel shall not stand in the rope ring; All personnel shall not stand in the 'rebound' area of the cable. Summed up in one sentence the ship cable is operation, has a good seamanship seamen, in a safe working environment, and the use of safety rope, use safety of machinery and equipment, use of safety operating rules, will ship securely attached to the dock.
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