What are the characteristics of a nylon sling rope hoisting goods?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Nylon sling rope a high-strength industrial yarn through hand-woven processing to lifting weight lifting tools, lifting weight range 0. 5 t - - 10 t。 Nylon rope is used nylon thread use back around type of thrust, plus special knitting machine, adopting joint one-time processing is completed, the whole finished product can't find the connector from appearance, also called endless rope, safety coefficient is relatively large, soft, woven more fancy. Acid condole is produced by using acid fiber flat lifting belt, sewing and become, one is to use compound is relatively light, hard points, one is, with one woven through whole weaving process is relatively thick, soft, slightly elongate acid sling is the ideal lifting sling,. Due to its good acid and alkali resistant performance, so it is suitable for lifting pickling products, electroplating products or anticorrosive pipe after moisturizing, pipes, etc. Pickling hoisting with wide load surface, can reduce surface load stress; Pickling surface soft when lifting objects, condole belt won't hurt suspended, substitution of steel wire rope and chain rigging, step by step to protect the surface finish of the product.
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