What are the commonly used cable types and materials

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Type of cable used on board called the thick rope line, such as, towing with cable; Small called rope, such as moving cable, halyard, lead line; Call a special rope specified length, such as currency fall, one thousand jin suo, hoist rope, etc.     Cable according to the purposes, can be divided into static and dynamic close two kinds big G static purple means used in fixed tied ropes, such as stable and large comb and chimney stay; Running rigging is often under dynamic ropes, such as mooring in the mooring and leather goods using r71 credits. If the cable materials is different, can divide again for plant fiber rope, chemical fiber rope and three types of wire rope. Riprap string bag ( A) Plant fiber rope: plant fiber rope is made of sisal, wild banana, sesame seeds and cotton plant fiber such as action. Generally by adopting the method of three treatment lines rolling system, characterized by soft, light; Easy to use, handling; But the strength was poor. Vessels are commonly used plant fiber rope Bai Dong cotton rope, hemp rope, cotton rope and cord, etc. , according to the different methods of rolling system is divided into grain rope and braided rope.       Manila: Manila is made of sisal, tequila or gP, plantain called fiber. Material good fiber is longer, even thickness, white; A Yin is one yellow. Characterized by soft, light, has the strength of the larger cable, don't soak in the water, there are quite a buoyancy and elasticity, when elongation is 12%, 16% when wet; Be affected with damp be affected with damp inflation after 20 '30%.       Manila on board USES is very wide, usually with large diameter do or towing with cable, small diameter do frame board on the rope, and tied rope, etc.       Oil hemp rope, hemp rope is soaked in tar made of hemp fiber. Because of the oil with the island, not bibulous, non-perishable, but after focal extraction tank, elastic rope qualitative change is reduced, and increase the weight, easy to harden in the cold weather, use not only. Instrument for 6 j salt on the road.       Cotton and linen rope, cotton rope is nylon rope with embalmed blend of cotton, hemp. Cotton and linen fiber has a separate system, toward the; Also has a mixed start to rub the sails and then woven. More than ordinary cotton silk braided rope are under 8 mm diameter, not easy button when using knot, but strength is small. The ship more used for cable, bunting and deepen off.       ( 2) Chemical fiber rope, then mixing high quality, light, chemical fiber rope or chemical fiber rope, is produced by the oil products or other mineral through chemical processing bead filiform, chemical synthetic fiber, such as sheet made of machine rub on the rope. Its characteristic is soft, durable, is not affected by damp, Yang length can't more than 10 x rope net recovery. Chemical fiber rope narrow in cold region when using soft degrees.       Polypropylene filament material that is used more widely in the domestic market, the most ordinary in the middle of the cable.       Polyester filament than polypropylene filament intensity is high, and very smooth, can effectively prevent wear and shortcomings for weight is large, is not convenient to operate.       Polyamide multifilament possess the advantages of polyester filament and strength higher than that of the polypropylene filament, polyester filament. But the price a little high.       Polymer polyethylene belongs to high-grade materials, formerly used in body armor, due to its strong tensile strength, is used in the cable industry. Can substitute for wire rope.
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