What are the considerations about Marine cable purchase?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine cable is life, this life is often and cable material, processing technology, the use of cable frequency, the use of the cable and the cable is related to daily maintenance. Usually the service life is 2 - 4 years. In the old cable need to change the new time how we choose safe and reliable, long service life and high quality rope? (1) the choice of materials. The same thickness of the cable under tensile and wear resistance is small, the cause of this situation is the different material, such as simply improve the tension of the cable can choose polypropylene filament material of the cable, if you worry about rope drag and drop on the deck when the excessive wear, need outside of the cable with a layer of polyester layer increased wear resistance, 'polyester multifilament' structure is adopted, Internal is sustain tension polypropylene filament, external is to increase wear resistance of polyester package) , in this process and material can increase the service life of the rope, often can add 1 year. (2) the brand and the selection of classification survey certificate. Cable is an important safety equipment on board, the international maritime organisation for the supply of Marine cable requirements: must have a certificate of classification society, that is to say, at the time of purchase the cable, issue a certificate of the classification society must pay attention to make the cable manufacturer. In addition, the brand is also very important to buy cable, choose a cable manufacturer with a long history is very important to use safety and service life of the rope, small factory production of cable quality closes nevertheless, cut corners on raw material, craft in behind, such cable using hidden trouble on the ship is too big. Unexpected rupture, besides may cause the ship and terminal berth collision, also is likely to cause casualties. So, it is important to the quality of the cable, must understand the manufacturer in advance.
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