What are the factors lead to damage steel wire rope?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The cause of wire rope damage has a variety of factors, maintenance does not reach the designated position, at ordinary times daily check is not careful, in violation of safety operating rules, Such as overloading, suspension, etc. ) After a wire rope damage, easy to fracture, damage to equipment or cause personal casualty accidents. The maintenance work of the wire rope should do the following several aspects: the rope end is fixed: rope fixed should be solid, reliable. Wire rope fixed usually have four ways: the fixed rope clamp should be firm pressure on two wires at the same time, and should be nut locking device; With metal pressing joint, joint should not have crack; When using a wedge, should not be loose, no crack for wedge set; Line CARDS, line card direction to correct installation, line card holder to pressure in the bearing line ( A ball, not rope head) And the number and distance should comply with the requirements. The wire rope and the diameter of wire rope and reel: the name of the drum diameter ratio should not be less than 14; Make a single layer winding, should guarantee the adjacent cable is not to bite you; Multi-layer winding reel should be 2 times higher than the outer wire rope wire rope of the diameter of the flange; Drum rotation should be flexible, volumes are compared. in there should be no cracks or excessive wear and tear; The fixed device of the end of a drum on the wire rope should be locking and self-locking function. Safety laps: in order to guarantee the safety of the lifting operation, work, crane should keep at least two circles on the roll of wire rope laps as its safety. Marine rope inspection method is: put the hook in the height ( Usually the ground) Laps, examine its security, not including the tail rope fixed number of turns. Rope device: pulley groove of the device should be equipped with prevent wire rope, rope device is not more than a third the diameter of the wire rope and pulley clearance. Can use the method of visual inspection, if necessary, can use the steel rule or caliper measurement. Wire rope and pulley block: block is mainly used for change the movement direction of the wire rope. To check the wire rope on the pulley wear around between sequence is correct, at the same time, also check each pulley and the lubrication of situation. Also, check each pulley flange crack or damage, if any, must be replaced immediately.
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