What are the polymer polyethylene Marine cable operation requirements?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Polymer polyethylene Marine cable lightweight flexible, easy to operate, indeed for berthing and mooring operation bring great convenience, but also found some problems: one is the Marine cable in use more stress, residual cable force extremely easily embedded and jam on the winch; 2 it is because of its inherent defects and material factors such as small diameter, the Marine cable not wear-resisting, excessive wear easily lead to scrap. Use the crowbar, cable, cable counter loop method to prevent Marine cable resistance, yangzhou cable manufacturers need to full play, laborious. Once encountered severe sea condition, the entire during berthing will be struggling to cope with, if can't solve the problem of ship rope jam, passive and danger to the navigation operation, there is great potential safety hazard. Marine rope broken cable caused reasons in the following aspects: 1) Marine cable and side friction, inevitable friction makes Marine rope broken wires, and the decrease of strength of Marine cable; 2) Multiple Marine cable uneven, make external forces are borne by part of the Marine cable and beyond the allowable strength; 3) Is developing toward the large ship, but also in development, to the direction of deep water berths to Marine cable required to bear the external force increased, at the same time different docking port, berth of the hydrological and meteorological conditions change multiterminal, Marine cable force changes in real time, while on duty personnel is difficult to find and take effective measures in time; 4) Marine cargo and port tide influence, has led to ship the float state of structure of random changes, lead to Marine cable force is random changes, and Marine cable and the ship's rail and the friction of bollard.
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