What are the precautions for the safety rope and maintain

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Safety rope custody note: & have spent   1, avoid contact with chemicals. The industrial safety rope should be stored in a dark, cool and free of chemicals, it is best to use special rope bag to store.     2, weekly inspection, content including: with and without scratches or serious wear and tear, whether by chemical corrosion, serious rub off, with or without change thick, thin, soft, harden and rope bag with and without severe damage, and so on and so forth.     3, after each use of industrial safety rope, safety rope should be carefully check the outer ( Wear-resisting layer) Have any scratches or serious wear and tear, is chemical corrosion, change thick, thin, soft, harden or severe damage, and so on and so forth (a noose Can hand over physical deformation method to examine the safety rope) If this happens, please immediately stop using the safety rope.     4, it is best to use the special cleaning washing line equipment, neutral detergent, rinse off with clear water, placed in a cool, dry environment, do not put in the sun exposure.     5, the safety rope must be checked before use linked to form a complete set of ring, pulley, slow down a figure 8 metal equipment such as presence of burrs, cracks, deformation etc. In order to avoid injury and safety rope. Security cable maintenance: & have spent   1, the product must conform to the ropes about the physical and mechanical properties requirements;     2, in order to ensure the safety shall not be used in high temperature place, the rope knot must not be used, each time you use should be tested for appearance inspection, found that damage to immediately stop use;     3, in strict accordance with the standard installation, when used with other equipment shall be installed under the guidance of certified personnel and the choice of the rope to match the actual pull force requirement, choose a special equipment for fixed, shall not be hasty installation;     4, for the first time when using the rope should be lying down, from the middle hole through put a rope in, roll away, do not disc casting safety rope; Should be paid attention to when put a rope, should put a rope slowly don't safety rope the entire dropping from the roof, otherwise it will damage the safety rope.     5, the safety rope before reuse, to do the load test, inspection qualified rear can continue to use, abnormal should be scrapped;     6, the cable is stored in a dry ventilated warehouse, should often cleaning, unfavorable contact fire, acid, not collisions with sharp objects, not under the sun exposure.
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