What are the precautions for the use of electric traction rope?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Electric traction rope color is gorgeous, can carry on the lifting operation in electric power, so in the process of using traction rope should pay attention to what? Speak: caution is ten thousand ship, traction rope are used, and be careful, it is very important to check carefully. A tonnage, carefully check before using traction rope is the same with the weight of the weight. If the tonnage of traction rope is greater than the weight of the weight, then unnecessary worry overload problem, but if the tonnage of traction rope is less than or equal to the weight of the weight, in use process need to be cautious. Second, check whether the surface of the traction rope in good condition before using. Third, check carefully before using traction rope length whether accord with standard of lifting. After the completion of the four, use to timely to cleaning and maintenance of traction rope, and stored in a dry and ventilated places. Five, storage in the process of drawing rope, should be inspected regularly and make records, avoid using the wrong traction on the rope. Electricity, is an essential part of People's Daily life and work of one of energy, but the change in the weather but can cause certain influence to the electricity, and in to the power circuit laying and maintenance can use traction on the rope. One, tow rope itself is not easy to conduct electricity. Laid circuit transmission is the purpose of the current, but in the laying process to protect the safety of the construction personnel, need to be properly isolated from current, and the material of traction rope is fiber material, can effectively isolate current, improve the safety of the work. The material of two, traction rope itself is relatively soft, won't cause harm to the line itself. Most lines installed in underground or high altitude, is necessary to maintain the integrity of the line outside, and traction rope can be better to do this. Three, traction rope itself is not easy to rust, subsequent simple maintenance.
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