What are the requirements on Marine mooring rope technology?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
As the shipping industry recovery as well as to the improvement of ship materials, the technological requirements of the owner of nylon rope is higher and higher. Cable as indispensable part of the shipping industry, breaks down in navigation, berthing, plays an important role. 1 nylon rope method of nylon rope is made to a number of nylon monofilament strands, again by rub into a rope and two back rub the opposite process. Nylon rope in the use of small kink happens often, turn back injury after stress, strength decreased, thus affecting the service life of nylon rope. Cotton fiber or chemical fiber yarn first, then made threading a rope weaving method. Braided rope in the middle is a wisp of rope core, outside in the role of bread by 8 strands of rope, 12 strands, 52 strands of a layer or two layers of woven rope. Is characterized by good softness, kink, rotary, small shrinkage. But because the rope inside and outside layer stress after each other is not involved, technical force flat Yun not easily, so the strength not, see the rope damage more concentrated in the outer layer, so easily broken. Commonly used on board for nylon rope, rope, rope and lead line. 2 strand of nylon rope by eight root twist grain is divided into four groups, each group of two parallel, the two groups for the right hand rope, two groups for the left hand lay, relative cross weaving warping said made of nylon rope. The ship use of chemical fiber nylon rope is also called the stereotype nylon rope. In addition, there are large diameter of Marine rope, was 3 shares by each set of parallel lines made of 12 strands of Marine nylon rope. Due to large nylon rope groups to rotate the screw pitch, corresponding to the longitudinal stress; In intersections with cushion, can withstand sudden arsenic strike force, to ensure the proper strength. Cross the four groups of mutual inhibition, appear natural balance, even force can keep the original structure, there will be no kink, rotary didn't happen. Marine cable used than in line on the school or on the winch, all experts whole arrangement, at the same time it can be put around the steering wheel, easy to operate.     Composite cable is made from a number of steel wire and chemical fiber blend ground shares, then for several lines made up of; Or use as a rope, wire rope, use of plant fiber or chemical fiber rub into shares made around the cable lines. Elongation is small. But not easy to maintain, mostly used for towing and mooring.
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