What are the types of fishing nets and weaving method

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Net, namely 'nets', is indispensable to fishery production fishing tools, also is the earliest coastal fishermen nets used in fishing at the seaside. Next, let's see what are the types of fishing nets.     Usually use a single boat trawl, double boat trawl, bottom trawling, purse Seine, drift with the current network of drift, placed in the bottom of the sea, etc. Mesh to be fishing on the object size.     In fact, as early as the Ming dynasty, liao, stick in the shallow sea fishing nets, such as network; After the qing dynasty in the pelagic fishing nets, inland river fishermen to more small fishing fishing gear. The modern network are made of woven for nylon rope.     Used for fishery production of the main fishing gear are pulled from the net, push rod net, net, pocket net, net, net, arch rob net, net, net, drift, trawl, hit the net, net, net, hook, grilled cockle pole, get Zeng, foil, the river Seine, nets, dip net, net slip foil, hanging net, net, crab basket, pour crab son, etc. The Seine and drift is often used in pelagic fishing, the twigs for inland and inshore fisheries. Small fishermen are commonly use nets to catch, is mainly for their own food. Use net line of woven nets, then you know how to use fishing nets thread woven nets? There are three kinds of fishing nets weaving method, Marine cable manufacturer will introduce one by one to you today.     Method of ground cover, is to use two sets of yarns by machine ground came at the same time, each other in oer-sewn distally wear heart to form a network, due to the network nodes in yarn without bending, smooth coat, reduced the friction, but Hank came machine efficiency is low, preparation process, transverse mesh co. , LTD. , is only suitable for weaving mesh larger network.     Knot method is one of the traditional making fishing nets, fishing nets with warp and the weft in the shuttle knot, nodule size is 4 times the diameter of the net twine, protrudes from net plane.     Method of warp knitting, warp knitting knotless nets level off, wear resistance, light weight, stable structure, the nodules intensity is high, the net after damage deformation, not lax, and can be widely used in sea fishing and fresh water fishing and aquaculture, and other various special purpose. Net, purse Seine, and ate kind of fishing gear, using often split long cracks, if can dispose the broken seam in the repair process into more paragraphs, namely a few joint, can increase the number of mending their nets, improve the speed of mending their nets, therefore, must master skills of joint mending their nets.     Because in the process of using, different parts of the nets of wear degree is different: like a fishing net net top part ( The top 1 down. 5 meters) Is a little damage. 1. 5 meters to 2. Nets within 5 meters distance for often been branches, reed, such as hook, so it's easy to damage.     And we will according to this situation, network at the top of the four or six shares of nylon multifilament net line, and in the middle of part adopts stereotype or 10 shares of nylon multifilament net line, but in the bottom ten strands of high-grade nylon thread.     Next, there will be a hole in the net trimmed, best when cut into rectangles, and pay attention to the beginning, head position is in diagonal position. Then use with nets shuttle repair of the same specifications of the line.     At the time of repairing nets, you should steer clear of red, yellow, bright color such as the use of the net line, had better use the deep color.
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