What is a wreck and scrapped linen rope

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The hemp rope is in the modern industry, port and fisheries, agriculture, industry, if it is used on some projects, so the choose and buy when they need to purchase high quality linen rope for use. But while engaged in linen rope merchants more and more on the market, hard to avoid can have some quality is not very good appeared on the market, in the choose and buy when should pay attention to check its quality. Linen rope type is more, if it is need to be used in the project, you will need to choose resilient and hemp rope, and applied for large. Quality of fiber flax rope it is flexibility, tensile resistance, good elasticity, friction resistance, load power, etc. Linen rope is made up of a plant called hemp rub into skin processed into fibers. Actually, ma is very fragile, usually grow in the ditch, dare not to grow on the ground. Because, hemp pole in the wind will break, planting can shelter in the ditch. Linen rope main characteristic is anticorrosive, wear-resisting, tenacity, anti-aging, tensile, weave the finished good permeability, long service life, suitable for a variety of purposes. Manufactured goods there is a wide variety, suitable for agriculture, fishing, long water aquaculture, apparel, shoes work within, automobile industry and other occasions. The quality of the hemp rope is obvious to all, we the replacement of any product will have a shelf life, the hemp rope is used long also can appear wear away, disconnection, corrosion, it is the necessity of recurrent use all things, in this case the general can use reduction, if badly damaged it will face scrap. The reduction of hemp rope is in proportion to the number of broken wires it, its breaking force reduction, if there is a wear linen rope surface, according to find its reduction coefficient to modify the direction of the smaller; The abandonment of the hemp rope is mainly refers to have broken stocks, short silk, severe corrosion, wear exceeds a certain standard, all kinds of severe deformation of the thermal annealing, happen, linen rope should stop to use, to scrap; Linen rope in a pitch in the number of broken wires reaches a certain number, should be discarded, it is in the specification standards within the scope of the provisions of the state!
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