What is the advantages and disadvantages of different materials of the Marine cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
When to decide what kind of material of the rope for your needs, often need to redress the balance, because each material has its advantages and disadvantages. On the ship's application, there are five main fiber rope, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, polymer, and aramid fiber. Each has some good advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Cable often combination of different materials according to the customer demand high quality rope, greater level of play to the advantages of each type of material, in order to meet customer demand very well.         Polypropylene advantages: 1. Floating 2. 3 the price low. 4 is not sensitive to the chemical erosion. Strong wear-resisting 5. Not bibulous 6. In the water loss WuQiangLi faults: 1. Uv 2. Strength is not high. 3. Low melting point 4. The extension is not high, Not as good as nylon) 5. Feel hard use: 1. The boat's main square sail control cable 2. Rescue line 3. Drag the cable 4. On the sledding with rope nylon advantages: 1. Good resistance to uv linear 2. Shock absorption ( Good stretch) 3. Good resistance to chemical corrosion. 4. Moderate price weakness: 1. Too flexible 2. Wet performance weakened after use: 1. The anchor line 2. Line 3. Mooring line 4. Line polymer advantages: 1. High strength 2. Water is not wet. 3. Good resistance to chemical corrosion. 4. Good abrasion resistance 5. Good resistance to uv linear 6. Light, floating 7. Good flexural fatigue bending faults: 1. Slide 2. Low melting point 3. Easy deformation under sustained load. 4. Price high purpose: 1. On a yacht with high-performance line 2. Instead of wire rope aramid advantages: 1. Strength 2. Small 3 low stretch. 4 out of shape not easily. Refractory 5. Good resistance to chemical corrosion. 6. Resistance to cutting 7. Insulation faults: 1. Sensitive to ultraviolet (uv) 2. Sensitive to the impact of 3. Sensitive to chlorine 4. The flexural fatigue bending five. 6 after the knot strength has gone down. Price high purpose: 1 winch rope 2 have to require the replacement of wire rope 3 places in weight in the absence of cable using the ship
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