What is the difference between different cable core wire rope?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
The inner part of the rope is a rope, metal core and fiber core; Role as supporting and reduce the pressure between stocks, mainly fiber rope core also plays a role of lubrication, corrosion protection and oil storage.   Let's specific about cable, due to the difference, their respective advantages and disadvantages. Fiber core wire rope is in the middle is composed of a fiber rope. FC said with letters. Hemp core material, for example: hemp core material with general of hemp fiber is used in the basic same, hemp core function is to store oil, make the oil on the surface of the steel wire rope to achieve lasting complement, make the steel wire rope is durable for a long time. For wire rope oiled often moving, is indispensable. New hemp rope core generally contain 12% ~ 15% of the oil, and scrap steel wire rope at the site of the large loss only contains 2. 4% of the fat, on the same piece of wire rope, even without pulley still contains 12. 7% ~ 14. 5% of the oil. Test shows that oil steel wire rope broken wires in test late about half not oiled. At the beginning of a steel wire rope, and 40% of the oil content can only maintain life behind if you don't come on broken wires increase sharply; The second is to use conditions, relative motion less steel wire rope, can choose galvanized and aluminized steel wire rope. The wire rope is exposed to the atmosphere of galvanized or aluminized zinc oxide and aluminum hydroxide film surface can form hydrogen, can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel wire rope.   Steel core wire rope is in the middle is composed of a/root wire rope. Letters or IWS IWR said. Steel core wire rope than hemp core wire rope wear, crushing, has high service life, breaking force is relatively high, softness is relatively lower. Because of the reason of abrasion resistance pressure, steel core wire rope generally applicable to a crane or hoist with above. Steel core wire rope price is hemp core wire rope relatively a bit higher, but considering the service life of the wire rope and the tension will be relatively a bit better, so in accordance with the overall performance for the cost of steel core wire rope is relatively low.
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