What is the material of steel wire rope with a fiber rope core?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Steel wire rope with a fiber rope core with plant fiber ( Jute, sisal, etc. ) Or synthetic fiber ( Polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. ) As raw material. Rope oiled to prevent rusting cable, increasing lubrication, reducing wear and tear, and ACTS as the role of oil depots, when cable, wire rope outside the loss of oil can be added. Cable, wire rope with a fiber in most cases to be oiled processing ( Except special requirement) There are many, the way it deals with oiled: vacuum pressure leaching oil ( Money is bigger) ; Directly into a bundle of fiber rope core soaking into oil ( Less money) ; Continuous production line leaching oil ( Money is not much and can reduce labor intensity of workers) And so on. Original oiled way has been using the 'direct immerse into a bundle of pan fiber rope core into', oiled by this method, need long time of soaking to get into a bundle of fiber rope fully saturated fat, but skim is difficult, and cable surface sear occur occasionally. Because the sisal fiber rope core oil absorption effect is poorer, less sporadic oil absorption, Leaching opaque oil) And affect the quality of the product. For rope oiled the quality of the above, the author groped for many years in production practice, the summary, has made the improvement of oiled technology, overcomes the drawbacks the original process, greatly improve the quality of fiber rope core oiled and better meet the quality requirements of wire rope with wire core oiled. Before improvement process defects and the reasons of the fiber core oiled defects: improve before fiber core cable, oil immersion process is easily occasionally appear opaque oil, scorched surface, or oiled after cleaning rod oil content is not equal defect. The reason: 1) Will cable, fiber bundles ( Or curled up on the flower round) Within 120 ~ 130 ℃ oil soaked in 2 ~ 4 h ( According to the weight of the fiber core bundle) After a long, bundles of the outer Fried yi zoom fat shape ( Burnt) 。 Phi sword hemp rope core in the surface layer of more than 20 mm focal fat shaped under the condition of the lining is often difficult to saturated fat ( No oil or a little grease) , oil content is often not up to standard. ( 2) Pan fiber rope core out in degreasing process, fiber core bundle of internal and external temperature difference is bigger, ±15℃) Surface cooling rapidly, because of its deoiling more rely on gravity, so that the surface degreasing incomplete, causing uneven rope core ramrod oiled. ( 3) Due to the cable, fiber bundles oiled for a long time, usually for 3 ~ 4 h, high energy consumption and low production efficiency.
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