What is the purpose of the Marine traction rope above the ship?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
A country has the navy's army and air force, and people can choose travel nautical travel, bus travel or travel by plane, so do you travel on the ship under see Marine traction rope on the ship? Cable is soft, can carry on the lifting work in more than one Angle, can also be on the ship for multiple azimuth lifting work. A, the ship run when the cable can be fixed on the ship the goods. As when sailing ships sailing on the sea, the sea level fluctuation and shake to a certain extent, the existence of the traction rope can prevent the risk of falling in weight, effective to protect the safety of heavy objects, avoid unnecessary economic losses. Second, the ship docked at the time of cable can be fixed ship. Does the steamer call at linhai, for the convenience of the next voyage, the ship will stay closer to the ground above sea level, the existence of the traction rope can prevent them from being blown away. Three, cable can be lifting cargo loading and unloading the ship. The above is the application of Marine traction rope on the ship. Powerful traction rope, can also be carried out at a multiple lifting work, can also play a big role in the ship above.
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