What is the use of the ring sling characteristic?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Ring assembly with a flat ring assembly, circular ring sling, circular lifting belt is round ring sling, round ring hoisting belt can use way changeful folded in half, double lifting strength, also can be put directly set hanging long, also can make double clasp crane lifting belts, it's more and more tightly, annular hoisting belt driving license since there is no limit length of the joints and therefore never appear licence is not big enough, the zheng opened mouth, dangerous. So ring segments with high safety factor, lifting a flexible way. Circular segments with international high quality synthetic fiber as raw materials, and use the international advanced weaving equipment and process, it is mainly composed of bearing core, condole belt cases. Bearing core surrounded by stepless parallel arrangement, the cases by special wear-resisting casing docking ring type, warning, protect bearing core security use. Lifting belt is made of chemical fibre bundle through special process and flat or cylinder sling, hoisting bind artifacts, high strength, light, soft, does not hurt the workpiece surface, widely applicable, so in recent years, lifting belt along with the economic take-off, rapid development of market demand, with the rapid expansion of supply market, means that a person's workshop, abound, vicious competition also is normal, clearly marked with safety factor 6:1, coefficient of actual production of the product and how many times, before users without fracture, unknown.
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