When danger comes how to correctly use life-saving rope?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Home is the life line, do not use. Once a fire smoke to use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, a fire in the 90% casualties are caused by smoke, smoke go up, people will stick to leave. As unsafe and awkward. Save your rope is a emergencies such as fire and a tool to save his life. With the constant improvement of the awareness of fire prevention, the home also frequent will configure the rope so that every need. However, many people may not know save your rope real use of the method and the necessary supporting tools. Always feel a self-help rope can help to escape in case of an emergency, actually this is a very serious misunderstanding, this error may be make you die or serious injuries. In a panic, people tend to shake is weak, and in such a situation relies on the user hand knead catching rope can produce much friction? Apart from unarmed pinch line can lead to a hand with a rope friction heat damage, more deadly is the user once the iron to will subconsciously relaxed hand it moment slipped along the rope, the result is dead or wounded. Life-saving rope is used primarily as a fireman individuals carrying a save or save your tools, transport can also be used in fire rescue equipment, can also be in the fire surveillance for the rope. In some large factories and mines caused by fire smoke when large area, along the line can also be used for the men to escape. Currently using lifeline is mainly refined hemp rope, rope diameter is 6 mm to 14 mm, length is 15 meters to 30 meters, usually called small diameter rope line throwing, rope, or the rope, called large diameter rope safety rope. Method of use: 1, the lifeline 1) The lifeline end fixed on solid objects, and the lifeline down the window into the downstairs. ( 2) Holding the lifeline, hooked on the windowsill, left side right pedal &interior wall, be smooth, left foot to move out of the window, 3) Two legs slightly curved, two foot pedal force of metope at the same time, his arms out straight and your hands slightly loose, below the eyes gaze, along the rope down. ( 4) When fast close to the ground, his right arm bend forward, le rope two legs slightly bent, two on tippy toes. Note: (lifeline use and safekeeping 1) Can't make the rope when using a hit from the overload or load, otherwise, there will be a broken stocks, even break the rope. ( 2) At ordinary times should be stored in a dry ventilated place, to prevent mildew. ( 3) After use, rinsed. Warm water wash should be promptly put in ventilated dry place order or after dried, long time exposure of avoid by all means. ( 1) Regular inspection, found a rope wear larger or more than 1/2 shares grinding broken, should immediately stop using it. ( 2) User weight inspection should be done on a regular basis, if not broken or damaged, may continue to use. ( 3) Keep rope lifeline in the custody of contact with sharp objects, such as stained with acid, alkali substances, shall be immediately rinse and dry.
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