When looking for the perfect 15 watt guitar amp

by:SanTong     2020-06-10
Line 6 Spider IV Line 6 is always a great place to start looking when trying to find the perfect 15 watt amp and this product is proof of that. This great product features four distinct channels of line 6 tone adjusted by pro players. Each of these four channels also stores four complete amp settings, so you can create, save and recall amp model, EQ, gain and effect settings with a single button. Consider this next to the fact that you can get this great product at under $100 and you've got a deal that is hard to pass up. Boulder Creek A15C DSP This 15 watt amp is a great product from an up and coming music company. This 15 watt acoustic guitar amplifier features two inputs, so whether you want to plug in two instruments or an instrument and a microphone, you can easily balance your sound to perfection. It also dons a built in chorus effect with level control, which allows you to add some depth to the guitar tone, and a headphone jack for quiet practices. All this at under $150 and you get a real steal. Fender Starcaster 15g Electric Guitar Amplifier Of course, you can't talk about anything guitar without mentioning Fender and 15 watt amps are no exception. This light weight and powerful product is perfect for guitarists or bassists. It features two channels so the player can chose between a clean sound and a fuzzed-out, distorted sound. At less than ten lbs it's more than easy to transport and at under $50 it's a great deal on an even better piece of equipment. As mentioned previously, these are not all the 15 watt amps that are out there but each would be a great place to start looking when searching for a quality durable product. What is most important is that you pick the 15 watt amp that best fits your personality and musical style. No matter what, make sure you keep practicing and you'll be sure to find yourself under the bright light sin no time.
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