When using Marine cable how to solve the problem of the jam?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine rope light weight, simple operation, very convenient mooring line operation. However, also found some problems. When Marine cable is a great force in the process of using, electric pole can easily insert the rest of the Marine rope and stick it to the winch. Second, due to inherent defects of material and small diameter, Marine cable not wear-resisting, easily excessive wear and lead to scrap. Crowbar, cable manufacturing, the use of the Marine cable traction device. In order to prevent Marine cable plug, need all personnel to participate in the war, which is both time-consuming and inefficient. In the rough sea condition, the whole berthing period will be exhausted. If the ship's cable congestion cannot be a solution, will bring mooring operation passivity and dangerous, and there is a big security hidden danger. Due to the layer, the analysis of the Marine cable easily blocked. As far as possible the wheel is divided into two parts of the Marine cables, unpowered Marine cable on one side, mechanical parts in the other side of the coil 1 - only Layer 2, so there is no need to use the ship. Cable plug. In the cable car spot welding metal pipe, separate the ship's cable, but when welding steel pipe docking strength is bad, solder joint and the cable car roller contact area is small, steel tube Marine cable force deformation after fracture. Impact. At the same time, the steel tube edge wear and tear of Marine ropes, leading to poor actual effect. Can try to add an welding gasket on the drum, to increase the contact area, so that the Marine cable can be safely distribution in both sides. Cable reel in a ratio of 1:2 separate, clapboard open at 90 degrees, is equipped with pressure relief hole on plate. Before the berths completed renovated, according to the known berthing conditions, all Marine cable length according to the requirements of the distribution on the cable car in advance. Most of the cable bridge at the edge of the narrow, whereas the Marine cable on the wide width. Berthing, on the other hand, just pay adjustment, it can guarantee the Marine cable distribution requirements.
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