When walking through a nature trail near a river

by:SanTong     2020-04-30
Step One: First, a location has to be chosen for building where there is calm water suitable enough for launching a raft. A miniature continental shelf will be ideal and once finished it will be easier to board the raft. Step Two: Plenty of suitable logs have to be gathered. They should be a size of nearly 8 feet depending on the weight of boarding persons and the supplies. Two slightly curved ones which will act as stabilizers are also needed. Step Three: After gathering the logs, several strong sticks are required. Ropes are not needed for holding it all together because the sticks are to be laid down crosswise to the logs. If they are laid perpendicularly to the logs, then it will be impossible to sit. Another stick has to be gathered which is longer and thicker than the rest for using it as a paddle. Step Four: Everything has to be put together now; logs should be arranged in a way so they will not roll out. The logs can be placed in the water for testing them. Two most unbalanced logs have to be found that will be used as crosspieces to hold the raft together. The sticks have to be laid that were gathered perpendicular to the logs. A perfect point of balance has to be found out so one stick can be tried to place by putting the weight on it. If the logs are not pushed down evenly, then correct the stick's location until the best one is found. Once it is located, the rest of the sticks have to be laid down on either side of the first. Step Five: Finally, it is ready. Stand above the raft with a leg on either side and slowly sit until most of your weight is on the raft. The paddle should be made ready. If the raft is balanced, pull your legs up and get comfortable. Slowly push it off from the shore.
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