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by:SanTong     2020-06-19
Plan at the right time for right deals You would get cheap deals on a Holiday in Nepal if you plan them early so it would be a good idea to speak to an agent as soon as possible. It is also cheap when you think of going on a trip with a large group. Chances are more likely that you will get better deals with larger bookings, so speak to your friends and also the travel agent for bigger groups. There are many agencies that give Trekking in Nepal packages too. Keep a compass with you always This is a must have when you are trekking. Keep a good compass with you at all points of time. Preferably, one in your pocket and one in your bag. Keep the hotel authorities about your travel plans always too. Must haves when you are travelling When you are travelling with a trek in mind, you cannot be more prepared. It is a must have to have your check list ready when you are travelling. Keep a 20 meter rope with you always when you are trekking. The advantages of a rope cannot be stressed upon enough when you are travelling. Climbing mountain ranges is no easy task; you need to keep a long length of rope when you are climbing as a group. This will help you catch up with the person before you and ahead of you. Pack a protective jacket or a windcheater always when you are travelling. It is going to get mighty cold when you go on a Holiday in Nepal so make sure you pack accordingly. Carry a small knife: Make sure you carry a Swiss army knife when you are travelling so that you are better equipped for cutting and splitting things. It can be quite tough otherwise. Check the weather when you are visiting Nepal While the place is fantastic, you want to always keep a check on the weather before you travel. So make it a point to figure out the weather conditions before you plan your trip. This way you can buy clothes appropriately. It will also help you understand the kind of accommodation you need. There are many agencies that can give you this information about trekking in Nepal. Always keep the hotel authorities informed Travelling in Tibet can be quite risky especially when you are trekking. It would be a good idea to keep the tour agencies or hotel staff informed about your locations. Make sure you always pack right with good tinned food and juices to keep you energised. A smart way to keep yourself full of energy is with energy bars.
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