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by:SanTong     2020-06-10
A truck hitch is an exposed piece of metal that you can attach a trailer to. This is incredibly important and means it needs extra care to function properly. Being exposed to the elements means that the metal could rust, accidents like fender benders could wrench it out of place, or it could just work itself loose. Since it is such an important piece of equipment you should protect it with a hitch cover. Hitch covers are easily obtainable aftermarket auto parts that are easy to install. The cover will prevent water damage which could cause rust and instability and will protect your hitch from any accidents or fender benders that might damage or bend it. Sometimes, these are so simple to put on that you do not even need any tools. These would be the hitch covers made from plastic. For the metal and decorative ones you might need a Phillips head screwdriver. You will first latch the hitch cover into place inside the drawbar receiving tube. That sounds a lot more technical than it is, basically you will pull a latch on the hitch cover over top of your actual hitch. Second, you will have to pin it into place. Simply line up the hitch pin holes and pin it into place. This might require a rubber mallet to give it the force you need to have it fully latch in. Lastly, since these aftermarket auto parts are so easy to install it stands to reason that they are also easy to remove. You do not want to spend the money on a cool hitch cover only to have it stolen. That's why you can buy yourself a hitch cover lock. All you do is slide it through both sides of the hitch cover and lock it with a key. Now your hitch and hitch cover are both safe and you can go on using them to haul trailers for a good long time.
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