Winch not only rescue their own in times of crisis

by:SanTong     2020-06-04
1. First check drum. Before you begin, make sure the noose neatly around the drum wheel. 2. If the noose emerge, should prevent it from swinging back and forth. If the rope snapped, and the rope lashing back and forth can be very dangerous. However, the risk can be avoided if the taut rope put a pad on the line. 3. Insert the remote control. Connect the remote end of the first insert electric winch, do not let the remote connection hanging. If you are a motorist, the driver's seat to operate the remote control, then the extra connections around the side rear view mirror in the car, working together will be much more convenient. 4. Clutch for switching rope drum, it is controlled by a simple handle. 5. Remote control, the remote lets you control the distance from the noose. Shown here is the most common type, are connected to a cable winch. The market has shaped wireless remote control. 6. Began to pull, twist Sola If your car, and you have to drive in the car, the best a man in the car to help you. In this way, the driver can command the vehicle's instructions, in the vehicle control electric winch. Finally, when cars can move around, the drag is complete. Once back on flat land, to check the status of vehicles and lines. If you can not start the car by external forces, using winch drag the process is over. The paper noose is good, taut rope, careful to return it. If the noose on the cross in the drum or distorted, first completely solved, and then re-roll; finally put away the hook. When the noose only the last point, the winch hook tied to the side. Then roll up the remaining little rope to hook to suppress; Remove the remote control. Market, most of the planetary gear electric winches are used to do reducer. Planetary gear has the advantage of smaller and produced relatively large reduction ratio, and the gear contact points more, longer service life. Winch are usually installed in a more narrow space, so the smaller the lighter the better. Gear can achieve this requirement, while have a greater reduction ratio, so again ideal. In short, the work of the internal winch mechanism: from cars to power the first drive motor, while the Houma Da driven rotating drum, drum drive shaft then take the initiative to further drive gear shaft, thus producing a strong torque. Subsequently, the torque is transferred back to drum, drum, it will be driven winch. Between the motor and the reducer has a clutch, through a handle to switch. Within the drum brake unit, when the noose tightened, the drum is automatically locked. In practice, some aids are essential for safe and smooth when using the winch, such as gloves to protect hands safe. In addition, if you want winch fixed to a tree, but also a piece of string, hang a u-shaped ears and a tight line pulley. Tape is used to a fixed fulcrum. The ideal length is 1.5-2. O m; u-shaped lug and strap and winch hook can connect. So best to prepare several sizes of lug; with two-or three-line, drag to change direction, you need a tight line pulley. Winch control can be divided into three short steps: installation, a fixed pivot and drag.
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