With a electric winch to pull the specific steps:

by:SanTong     2020-06-04
1. first check the drum. Before you begin, make sure the noose neatly around the drum wheel. 2. if the noose emerge, should prevent it from swinging back and forth. If the rope snapped, and the rope lashing back and forth can be very dangerous. However, the risk can be avoided if the taut rope put a pad on the line. 3. start dragging, if his car with twist Sola, and you have to drive in the car, the best a man in the car to help you. In this way, the driver can command the vehicle's instructions, in the vehicle control electric winch. 4. if the rope twisted together, and must bring it opened. Noose around the drum is easy to cross, or when one side becomes uneven. Therefore, pay close attention to its status. 5. when the vehicle can move around, the drag is complete. Once back on flat land, to check the status of vehicles and lines. If you can not start the car by external forces, using electric winch drag the process is over. 6. the rope was curled. Tighten noose, carefully return it. If the noose round the cross in the dark or distorted, first completely solved, and then recoiling. 7. and finally put away the hook. When the noose only the last point, the electric winch hook tied to the side. Then roll up the remaining little rope to hook to suppress. 8. Remove the remote control Electric winch from the motor, cycloid gear box, winch and shell composition. Motor with disc brakes. Motor control by the switch. Press the different buttons, electric winch can reverse the direction of rotation, the same time, brake open, when you press the stop button, the winch stall, while motor brake, so to prevent the down cable. Lubricating Electric winch with special grease lubrication. Electric winch factory has been filling the 2nd extreme pressure lithium grease, used without additional lubricants. Maintenance Grease added: additional grease once every six months. Add grease carried out at the operation, additional traffic should not be too much, so as not to twist the temperature rise heat, add volume to volume reducer 1 / 3 is appropriate. Grease replacement: the replacement of grease once every 1-2 years, stop using more than one year before re-opening of grease should be replaced. Replacement of grease, please demolition gear, remove the old grease and cleaning parts, add new grease. Filling volume to slow down the capacity of 1/2-2/3 is appropriate agencies. When filling grease, in the bearings, needle kits, sales kits, cycloidal gear surface filling full of grease. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance once every 1-2 years. Maintenance are: cleaning parts, replacement parts grease check whether the damage is fatigue spalling contact site to check whether the damaged bearings, rubber seals are aging, and timely replacement of damaged or worn parts. Disassembly and assembly Disassembly sequence: twist cap screws, washer, electric winch bolt nut body, taper off, positioning flange base, pin wheel separation. Pin wheel parts: bolt, stop after the ring gasket, cycloidal pin set intervals Central, eccentric cycloid pin wheel gear shell, needle sleeve needle teeth. Base parts: oil seal cover bolts, stop ring oil output. Assembly and disassembly sequence in reverse order.
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