Without a doubt, everyone wants to go trekking in Nepal

by:SanTong     2020-06-18
Why is it so important to be careful during a trek? So always remember to keep a few things in mind before you travel or start travelling to Nepal. Of course you are excited and happy that you are going to Holiday in Nepal but are you sure you are prepared for such a trip? Precautions you must take when you are trekking Of course you are bound to think that you are the most experienced trekker on the planet. But just sometimes, things may go wrong. So be on the careful side always. Make sure you are balanced for the worst that could come your way. There may be many things that could be a problem but you have not even thought about it. So talk to the right people about Everest trekking before you travel and also speak to them about the different packages they take along to be on the safe side. Got your safety equipment on? Always wear a helmet: Everest trekking is not a joke. You need to be as careful as possible. Wearing a helmet that is fastened tightly on your head could be the difference between life and death. Make sure you are careful when you are climbing the mountains as it is extremely slippery out there. A small fall could be fatal unless you have your helmet on. Do you have a harness on? : You must not even start your trek without a harness. The more careful you are the better. Remember you cannot be careful enough when you are going on a holiday in Nepal to trek some of the mightiest mountains. Make sure you tie a harness at all points of time. This should be maintained if you are in a group or even if you are moving away from the group. This will help you link back to the team at any point of time and keep you connected. Similarly when you are climbing the mountain, you must have a harness to help you climb or come down in a steady fashion. Trek the right way Listen to the leader: He knows the place better than you for a reason; make sure you listen to him, it is extremely important to know what the leader of the trek is saying at all points of time. Make mental notes of distance and directions so you are able to come back quickly in case of an emergency. Climb with the rope over your leg and not around it: It could be the simplest thing, but could be easily forgotten. When you trek, make sure the rope is over your leg than in between your legs. If you are to fall, the rope would make you flip upside down onto the wall, thus even killing you.
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