Woven into Marine cable for public methods and steps of is what?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Polymer polyethylene belongs to the cable for high-grade material, is breaking li, the superior comprehensive performance of a fiber cable. In many fields can be used, for example, can be used in body armour. In the maintenance of use rope, use the process of maintenance need notices, especially pay attention to of course: the rope can't stand the heat, not long-term exposure, not on the inside of acid corrosion, of course also cannot put in dangling in the trunk. The cleanness of the rope and the use of all the fish in clean water washing. Marine cable in double strand in the chemical fiber rope varieties are: nylon, polyamide fiber cable factory multifilament ( Line) , polyester, polypropylene filament, but at the same time using two kinds of chemical fiber materials part layer outer conform to make. Specifications in 28 mm - 146mm。 Advantages of ocean engineering, national defense war industry, port terminals, cable plant project in areas such as the project for large ocean engineering, national defense war industry, port terminals, large engineering projects, etc. For the size of the cable quantity good eye splice and writing position, and make the mark. Step is: 180 degrees and turn an eye splice will a set of splice ropes along the was underneath plug cord plugged into a forward, reappearance to 3 groups splice line along the was underneath plug cord plugged into a forward, 2, 4 set also repeat the above methods, then, a flower, according to the above method and then two flowers, less splice four flower, completed, with tied rope head quarter or tape rope tightening around, cut together. Cable factory scatter rope into four shares, rub to consistent group 1 and 2 on the left side to rub to the same group 3, 4, on the other side of the plug in group 1, 2, pressure line with 1, 2, group into the strand of wear out at the same time, 3, 4 set of pressure in the rope be inserted again consistent with 3, 4 set of inserts to wear out at the same time, on the strand of that is to rub the consistent splice with inserted to the consistent by plugging the rope hole, this completes the beginning. The main performance: cable cable manufacturer of light weight, float on the surface of the water, lighter than the same diameter of steel wire rope, 87. About 5%. - - High strength in the world, than the equivalent diameter and high strength steel wire rope. About five times. - - Excellent durability and resistance to sea water, chemicals, is repeatedly, ultraviolet radiation and temperature difference using the same quality. Cable manufacturer is easy to operate, fast, use safety, operation is short time, such as the army in certain cases, the ability of fast mobile warfare.
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